Pakistani Girl Burned Alive for Helping Friend Elope


(Gender-based Violence / Tradition, Culture, Religion)

More than a dozen adult men have been arrested in rural Pakistan for drugging a 16-year-old girl and then setting her on fire for helping a friend elope.

The men drugged her before they burned her alive.

More than a dozen members of an “honor council” near the Pakistani towns of Makol and Dunga Gali, outside of Abbottabad, have been arrested for immolating a 16-year-old girl, according to a local police chief.

Her supposed crime: helping a friend elope, which the men allegedly said had done irreparable harm to their village’s reputation.

The group of men, described as a jirga or local tribal council by police, detained the girl, her mother, and her brother, according to police chief Saeed Wazir. The latter two allegedly consented to the punishment: burning the girl, named in some reports as Ambreen or Haleema, in the van used by the couple to elope.

“The jirga members… decided to punish the girl in a novel way so no one in future can dare to marry without consent of their parents and give a bad name to the village,” Wazirtold NBC. “They tied her hands with the seats and then poured [gasoline] on her and the vehicle and set it on fire.”

The term jirga, Khan told The Daily Beast, can just mean “a mediator, and that can be even one person” in that region. It doesn’t have to be a formal body, as suggested in many news reports.

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