AWID Forum: “Gender Justice Activism and International Human Rights Caucus”


AWID, Canario Room, AWID Forum, Costa do Sauípe, Brazil |http://www.forum.awid.org/forum16/program/caucuses-and-self-organized-spaces

Join us for an open dialogue on the challenges we face together and the new opportunities we can create as activists connecting with human rights mechanisms and actors. We will come together to explore and create new rights futures on days 2 and 4 of the AWID Forum (9th September and 11th September)

Find out more about spaces for strategic engagement and agenda-setting in conversation with UN policy actors, and explore key questions such as:

  • How do we make international human rights spaces more useful and accessible to all feminist activists?
  • Who is getting left out of gender justice movements – locally, nationally and internationally – and how can we include them?
  • What would it mean in practice to have more effective feminist engagement with human rights systems under attack by anti-rights/conservative actors?
  • Do we need to be more radical in IHR spaces?  Are we too respectable?

Get in touch and find out more! Email nshameem@awid.org

9th Sept (Day 2): 13:00-14:30

11th Sept (Day 4):  12:30-14:00

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