Human Rights and Gender Identity: Best Practice Catalogue


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Transgender Europe (TGEU) and ILGA Europe


Chapter 1: Implementing International Human Rights Standards
Chapter 2: Enacting Hate Crime Legislation
Chapter 3: Adopting Expeditious and Transparent Procedures for Change of Name and Sex
Chapter 4: Abolishing Sterilisation and Other Compulsory Medical Treatment
Chapter 5: Making Healthcare and Public Health Insurance Coverage Accessible
Chapter 6: Dissociating Marital Status from the Gender Recognition Process
Chapter 7: Making Equality a Reality in All Spheres of Life
Chapter 8: Involving and Consulting the Trans Community
Chapter 9: Providing Training and Raising Awareness
Chapter 10: Providing Training to Specific Professions
Chapter 11: Including Gender Identity in the Scope of Equality Bodies
Chapter 12: Collecting Data on the Situation of Trans People

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