ICAN Better Peace Tool


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ICAN’s Better Peace Tool is an open source guide offering practical steps for the effective inclusion of women peacebuilders and gender perspectives in mediation, conflict prevention, and peacemaking. Helping to make the word and spirit of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 agenda a reality.


  • Part I. 21st Century Diplomacy
    • Diplomacy Evolving
    • Shifting the Goalposts for Women
    • Tackling the Question of ‘How’ to Make Peace Processes Inclusive
  • Part II. The Better Peace Tool: a Guide to Inclusive Peace Processes and Negotiations
    • Section 1. Common Barriers & Innovative Solutions: New Precedents for Inclusive Peacemaking
      • Peace Processes as Societal Transformation
      • Six Common Barriers and How to overcome them
        “We represent everyone.”
        “The mediator can’t do everything.”
        “Who are these women anyway?”
        “This doesn’t concern women.”
        “I’m here because of my own credentials.”
        “The exclusion of women is cultural.”
    • Section 2. Four Guidance Areas for a Better Peace: Proactive Steps to Realize Inclusion
      • Understand the Mediation Context
        Give Political Support for Inclusivity
        Provide Technical Support
        Provide Logistical and Financial Support
        Conclusion: Changing Practices & Paradigms
  • Conclusion: Changing Practices and Paradigms
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