Intersectionality – Equal Rights Review Vol. 16


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Equal Rights Review Volume 16, Equal Rights Trust

Different people mean different things when they talk about intersectionality. That which intersects can relate to identities, prohibited grounds of discrimination, human rights, human rights violations, disadvantages, inequalities, systems of oppression, and so on; and intersectionality itself is referred to variously as a theory, a framework (another spatial metaphor), a method, a practice… The reader will find all of these usages, and more, in this issue alone.

Table of Contents


Editorial – Intersectionality



Jade Glenister – Good Intentions: Can the “Protective Custody” of Women Amount to Torture?

Se-shauna Wheatle – The Constitutionality of the “Homosexual Advance Defence” in the Commonwealth Caribbean



Gerard Quinn – Reflections on the Value of Intersectionality to the Development of Non-Discrimination Law

Ben Smith-  Intersectional Discrimination and Substantive Equality: A Comparative and Theoretical Perspective

Ivona Truscan and Joanna Bourke-Martignoni – International Human Rights Law and Intersectional Discrimination

Siobhan Curran – Intersectionality and Human Rights Law: An Examination of the Coercive Sterilisation of Romani Women

Shreya Atrey  – Through the Looking Glass of Intersectionality: Making Sense of Indian Discrimination Jurisprudence under Article 15

Johanne Bouchard and Patrice Meyer-Bisch – Intersectionality and Interdependence of Human Rights: Same or Different?



Intersectionality in Promoting Equality



Layers of Marginalisation: Life for Rohingya Women


Case Notes

Sam Barnes – Physical Fitness and Gender Discrimination: Entrenching Stereotypes


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