The State We’re In: Ending sexism in nationality laws


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Equality Now published a report on gender discrimination and sexism in nationality laws in January 2016.

The Equality Now 2013 report focused on sex discrimination in the transferral of citizenship to children and foreign spouses. This report is expanded to also analyse nationality laws in terms of equality in the right to acquire, change and retain nationality as provided for in international law.

In order to clearly highlight the continuing existence of discriminatory nationality law we focused on the crucial areas of discrimination that have a clear negative impact on the lives of individuals.

  1. Progress Towards Equality
  2. The State We’re in – Discrimination in Law and Its Effects
  3. Graphics: Sex Discriminatory Nationality Laws
  4. Transferring Nationality to Children
  5. Laws affecting Spouses/Marriage
  6. Case Studies
    1. Jordan
    2. Malaysia
    3. Bahamas
    4. Tanzania
    5. Senegal
  7. International Law on Equality and Citizenship Rights
  8. Recommendations
  9. What you can do
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