WLUML Dossier 21: Fundamentalist Political Movements and Women


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Women Living Under Muslim Laws

Fundamentalist political movements and their onslaught on women have been subject to much debate over the years and have become one of the key concerns of the WLUML network.

Table of Contents

The War Against Feminism in the Name of the Almighty: Making Sense of Gender and Muslim Fundamentalism

Women and Politics in Post-Islamist Iran: the Gender Conscious Drive to Change

Hojjat al-Eslam Sa‘idzadeh – Iran

Foundations of the Equality Perspective Modern Fiqh: the Case of Divorce

Iran’s moral enforcers beat a retreat

Mullahs, Migrants, Miracles: Travel and Transformation in Sylhet (Bangladesh)

Sri Lanka Ethnic Identity, Religious Fundamentalism and Muslim Women In Sri Lanka

Muslim Women on the Threshold of the Twenty-First Century


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