Musawah Toolkit for Advocates: Facilitator Notes


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The Musawah Toolkit for Advocates is a compilation of texts that explain and expand the Musawah key messages. It is a tool for building knowledge and mobilising (doing advocacy) on equality and justice in the family.

These facilitator notes accompany the Toolkit for Advocates: Sharing the Musawah Framework and our Key Messages. 

At the end of each section in the Toolkit, there are some suggested questions to discuss – either as a group or for individual Advocates to think about on their own. As a way of helping anyone facilitating these discussions, these Notes provide a brief guide to what issues the questions aim to explore. Some of them point to flashpoints that may be difficult for people to discuss, either because they are sensitive or they challenge dominant ways of thinking.

However, these may not be the only issues that surface during the discussions, and as a facilitator you should feel free to take the discussion in whatever direction and to whatever depth is most useful in your context and for your participants.

Make sure you also read the introduction to the Toolkit itself, as this may give you more ideas about how to use it.

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