Rights At Risk: A Primer


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Anti-rights actors’ infiltration of the UN – Spot key groups and debunk their narratives

In human rights systems, anti-rights actors are now operating with increased frequency, coordination, resources, and impact. These actors are chipping away at the very content and structure of our human rights concepts, institutions, and protections – with disastrous consequences for human rights and gender justice. Anti-rights actors form a complex web across national and international spaces.  They are often able to sustain their work through large budgets, in many cases from obscure sources.

Anti-rights actors are moving away from using explicitly regressive language, and co-opt human rights language and social justice issues to gain legitimacy. This primer is designed to help you spot some of the key anti-rights groups active in international spaces, and recognize and debunk some of their common discourses.  The primer is derived from the Observatory on the Universality of Rights (OURs) Trends Reports, Rights at Risk and Rights at Risk: Time for Action.

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