Status of SRHR in Central and Eastern Europe: ASTRA Network


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Fact Sheet

The political and economic transformation in Central and Eastern Europe took place over 20 years ago, yet the reality remains complex as the region still struggles with growing inequalities, the consequences of the financial crisis and redirection of major donor funds towards other regions in the last decade. With some European Union Member States (i.e. Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland and Romania), Caucasus, Balkan and other countries that are none of the above, the region remains stuck somewhere between the Global North and Global South.
Throughout the region we continue to experience a lack of political will and commitment on the part of governments in developing and implementing policies addressing the priorities underlined in the ICPD PoA. Countries of the region are suffering from a resurgence of patriarchal discourses and religious fundamentalism which are reflected in setbacks in population and reproductive and sexual rights policies.

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